Pennine Way Companions

Plans for my Pennine Way Challenge have begun, hopefully transforming an fundraising idea and lifelong ambition into reality come June 2010!

Santa was kind in delivering Wainwrights ‘Pennine Way Companion’ to add to my collection which is no longer to be a bookshelf collection, more a ‘work in progress’ library!

Added to copies of ‘Trail’ and ‘Country Walking’ the festive break has been a feast in more ways than one.

There is something magical about reading walking books and magazines with a fire roaring and snow falling, the thought of the adventure whilst cosy and warm!

As a family we were fortunate to spend New Year in the Scottish Borders – at the end of the Pennine Way!

Whilst walking was limited to climbing up hills to sledge down it was great to be amongst the snow carpeted hills and just invigorated me even more for the challenge ahead.

The schedule for walking in June 2010 is currently being worked on and should be ready to share in the next week or so and I will be opening the challenge for friends and supporters to walk with me – either on odd days or more – alongside my copy of Wainwrights aptly named ‘Pennine Way Companion’

So if you are interested just let me know!


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