It Was 9 Years Ago Today….

March 5th 2001, 9 years ago today – a life changing day in so many ways.

D-day, or diagnosis day for my leukaemia.

It is now a day I utilise not for partying but for reflection and to enjoy the minor things in life.

It is always easy to major on the minor things, however it is sometimes easy to forget how good family, friends, a nice walk, good view, and a nice glass of wine can be.

In reality we all take this for granted.

I certainly did just over 9 years ago. It is now something I appreciate more than anything in the world, everyday – however taking time out to think about it all – and I mean REALLY think about it all – is most often something we do not do. Trust me, it is worth every minute of the time out.

I’m just thankful I have the time out at all.

Today has been a beautiful day in more ways than one. The sun has been shining with clear skies with a slight cool breeze, the snowdrops have been shining and the crops are beginning to grow.

I notice these things now like nothing before.

I remember coming out of the hospital in Southampton 10 days after being diagnosed with arms like pincushions, hobbling from bone marrow tests taken from my pelvis, not knowing what the future held if anything at all, to be confronted out of the front door with a vivid yellow ’roundabout’ of daffodils. I can picture this site in my mind to this day. Two weeks before I am sure I would have not even noticed.

My rambling message is really not to take things for granted. Life can change at a moments notice, and there is so much in the world that is amazing – even the simple things – so make sure you do not miss them, because you just never know.

Here’s to going on forty feeling 9!

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