Day 12 – Pennine Way – Clove Lodge to Langdon Beck






After a full wet day from Tan Hill Inn the decision to upgrade from camping to B&B at Clove Lodge Farm was a great decision.

We ended up in the cottage with full living room, dining room, kitchen to add to the bathroom and beds. RESULT!

Carol and Chris the hosts were fantastic and made us feel very welcome. A definite recommend!

Day 12 started in cool, overcast conditions again.

The 15 mile step for the day started with a couple of moderate ups and downs over farmland and between reservoirs and around Harter Fell which opened up in to a great view of Teesdale looking down to Middleton in Teesdale.

Once the descent to the valley floor had been made it was a very pleasant walk along the River Tees for the afternoon.

Lunch was taken sat on the riverbank before heading up the valley to pass Low Force and then on to the fantastic High Force which was in full flow after 4 days of rain.

The remaining part of todays journey was then made along the riverside with a final step to Langdon Beck Youth Hostel – another tranquil spot in a remote area.

Teesdale has shown a real change in scenery. Gone are the barns of the Yorkshire Dales replaced by the white washed cottages distinctive of the dale.

My feet are still causing problems but are under control, Pauls knee is much the same and we both feel strong otherwise.

The next few days are going to be testing and more remote so lets hope the feet and knees hold up!


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One response to “Day 12 – Pennine Way – Clove Lodge to Langdon Beck

  1. FRASER.........

    Hi Harvey,

    Great to see that your trek is going well, hope the weather remains dry especially nearer to the end where there can be some really wet and nasty peat bogs around ………

    By the way, why are you doing it the hard way ? It is all uphill from where you started – you should have gone North/South……… ;~)

    Hope also you have brought your passport with you as we might not let you in over the Border Dyke on Saturday in Yetholm…….Crikey just think of that long walk back to pick it up……….!

    Well done, take care & C U Saturday……….


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