Day 13 – Pennine Way – Langdon Beck to Dufton.






After a restful nights sleep at Langdon Beck YHA (went to bed at 9pm!) We stoked up on a filling breakfast at this highly recommnded yha.

The path took us back to the beck where we finished yesterdays walk and we proceeded in a westerly direction for around 3.5 miles to Cauldron Snout. This was to be our first treat of the day.

Cauldron Snout is one of the most magnificent cascading waterfalls I’ve ever seen and Harv was so excited that he called for a snack break (he doesn’t normally let me stop for lunch!).

The scramble/climb up the side of the waterfall was exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable. Upon reaching the top we crossed the head of the waterfall in front of the dam and climbed gradually upwards towards the danger area.

There’s a huge area of land that’s closed for public access to protect nesting birds that the Pennine Way runs alongside. Don’t know why it’s designated a danger area though.

After another three to four miles Harv called for a lunchbreak alongside the magnificent spectacle known as High Cup Nick. The proportion of this hollowed out bowl of a valley can’t really be captured on camera. But worthy of lingering to cement the memory to savour forever.

Even after escaping High cup on its right flank we were further rewarded with a full panoramic view of the Lake District peaks in the distance.

We then continued to descend into the village of Dufton to the 4 star yha. We showered and enjoyed a reminiss of a wonderful day in the hills at the Stag Inn opposite our accomadation.

Our thoughts then began to focus on to tomorrow and our biggest challenge yet…..

By Paul Courtney.



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2 responses to “Day 13 – Pennine Way – Langdon Beck to Dufton.

  1. Tony M

    Paul, those pictures look stunning, getting slightly jealous of the scenery you passing. keep up the good work.


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