My Pennine Way Challenge

2010 is a huge year for the charity Leukaemia Research as it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Sir Ian Botham will be undertaking another of his famous fundraising walks on the 25th anniversary of his first walk Beefy 25.

As part of my fundraising efforts in a moment of madness I have decided to walk the Pennine Way in its entirety in June 2010!

Not only have I first hand experience of what can be achieved through cutting edge research, I also know there is so much more that can be done for anyone diagnosed with leukaemia, and the scientists, doctors and boffins need the money to make more breakthroughs and give everyone the chance I have had.

Now, those of you who know me will realise I am not the fittest guy around!

Walking 270 miles in under 3 weeks and covering a total ascent of around 30,000 feet (significantly more than Everest however not straight up!) is a huge personal challenge. I will have to average around 15 miles a day for 19 walk days!

The Pennine Way Map

“The Pennine Way takes you into isolated country. That is part of the exhilaration, of course, but consider the challenges and responsibilities such country brings with it. On a multi-day expedition such as this you are almost certain to experience a variety of British weather. In high and wild places this can include dangerous extremes. Pay close attention to detail in your choice of equipment. Brush up your navigation skills, carry the appropriate large-scale maps and know how to use them.
This is one walk you’ll never forget completing!”
Taken from


I would be hugely grateful if you could dig deep and SPONSOR ME for this great cause, every little helps and the next pound, your pound, could save someone’s life.

Keep returning to my blog to find out how my build up and journey unfolds – it is going to be interesting to say the least!

Corporate Sponsors

TeaHee Easingwold North Yorkshire


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